Gotta love the Ibiza life – Covid 19 situation Ibiza 2021

You might wonder how the current situation is in terms of Covid on the island. Actually, pretty good! One year ago we were in complete lockdown and this year we are in a much better position than in many other countries in the EU. We are able to enjoy a drink on a terrace, relax […]

Ibiza openings; restaurant and beach club overview 2021

We couldn’t be happier, that the restaurants open their doors again. When local restaurants opened their terraces again we were the first to order breakfast in the heart of Sant Josep. With the season just around the corner we are delighted to share when our favorite spots open their doors again.  If you were in doubt if […]

How Carefree deals with covid-19

The clouds disappear, the sun is shining more hours a day, the flowers are blooming and the temperatures are rising. We can feel the spring just started. We can’t wait to welcome you back on the island again. Obviously, the last year has been very different from previous years. That’s why we want to share […]