How Carefree deals with covid-19

The clouds disappear, the sun is shining more hours a day, the flowers are blooming and the temperatures are rising. We can feel the spring just started. We can’t wait to welcome you back on the island again. Obviously, the last year has been very different from previous years. That’s why we want to share how we as Carefree Ibiza deal with covid-19 and what you could notice as a client.


Cleaning service

Having a perfectly clean apartment or villa is more important than ever. Our whole cleaning team are experts in deep cleaning urgently needed after a closed property for months. Carefree’s policy is fully adapted to the covid-19 period. Our cleaners clean and disinfect all surfaces, windows, floors and decoration.  We can even steam your carpets or sofas to make them look and smell fresher than before. Obviously doing your laundry before arrival is also something, we are happy to do so. Nothing beats arriving in your second home and being able to relax instantly.

Do you know that we have a signature cleaning style? We love to give you a hotel experience in your own apartment or villa. We’ll roll up the towels, put some flowers on the table, and can even arrange a full fridge for you. A 5-star hotel service to make you feel welcome and start your time on ‘the white island’ in a superb way.


Maintenance service

Is the water still running and hot enough? Are the air conditioners still working properly or do they need to be cleaned? Are the walls still bright and freshly painted or could it use a touch-up due to humidity? Carefree Ibiza can check your second home before you come to the island. We will check its state, inform you what we think needs to be done, and can arrange the maintenance where needed.  It’s great to avoid unpleasant surprises up on arrival.


PCR test at home

Besides many medical spots where you can do a mandatory PCR test 72 hours before departure from Ibiza there is also an option to get a test in your own apartment or villa. Just give us a call and we’re happy to organise it for you. It spares you out a lot of time waiting and it’s way more comfortable in your own home.


Always informed

Our team is always informed of the latest restrictions on the island. We’re happy to tell you about the current situation on the island. When and where you need to wear your facemask, where can you do a PCR test, which restaurants are open and what activities you’re able to do on the island. Carefree Ibiza is your main contact for any question you have during your holiday or related to your second home. We are happy to do your concierge as well and make bookings for restaurants or beach clubs. Oh and how much did we miss those moments…It’s time for a very well deserved break on Ibiza. Because in the end, we want you to be carefree!


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