Gotta love the Ibiza life – Covid 19 situation Ibiza 2021

You might wonder how the current situation is in terms of Covid on the island. Actually, pretty good! One year ago we were in complete lockdown and this year we are in a much better position than in many other countries in the EU. We are able to enjoy a drink on a terrace, relax on the beach, go to the gym and shop in town. In this blog we’ll keep you posted. This is what you want and need to know before you come to Ibiza.



Ibiza’s airport has closed its doors for non-residents for a few weeks. But nowadays tourism is welcome again if you can share a very recent negative PCR test at the airport. Your temperature might be measured as well. Ibiza is doing all possible to avoid the virus to spread again, so therefore the tests are mandatory. It’s a very safe idea that the virus won’t be spread from outside the island.

For your return counts that you also need a valid negativ PCR test. The island has several spots such as Policlinica Rosario where you can make an appointment to test yourself. If you prefer not to go to a public test centre, let us know. We can recommend a service where you will be tested in your own apartment, villa or hotel.



The shops are all open again. Keep in mind that stores might mention a maximum amount of guests inside to avoid that it gets too crowdy. If that’s the case have a look at the poster at the entrance. The stores in Dalt Vila open their doors generally end of April or beginning of May. That has nothing to do with the Covid-restrictions but with their regular seasons.


Restaurants & beach clubs

Since mid-March the terraces were allowed to open their doors again. And that’s such a blessing. With the fantastic spring temperatures there is no better place to have a drink in the sun. If you want to know what’s opening when, have a look at our previous blog.

Good to know is that restaurants, café’s and beach clubs are allowed to serve on their terraces till 17.00h. After that time you’re only able to get your take-away food.


Night clock

Ibiza recently extended their night clock from 21.00 to 22.00h. Which means that you can only be on the street with a valid reason such as work or in need of medical assistance from 22.00 till 6.00h in the morning. They try to avoid evening gathering with the night clock.


Group gatherings

It’s allowed to be together with max 6 people. That also counts for restaurant tables and private property. Big parties are not yet allowed.



We are not a big fan of the facemask but unfortunately, we still need to wear it. When you’re outside on the street, in a shop, office or in a public area you have to wear it.
But there are a few exceptions you want to know:

  • Children under 6 years do not need to wear it.
  • If you are exercising, sunbathing with 1,5 meter distance or at the beach you don’t have to wear it either.
  • In case you have problems with breathing such as asthmatic you can request a confirmation from the doctor you do not have to wear it.
  • If you share transport (public or private) with anyone else besides your household, you have to wear a facemask.


Last updated on the 31st of March.