Carefree maintenance for your apartment

It’s a dream for many, having your own apartment on Ibiza. If you are one of these lucky few, we are able to help you out. Because when you’re not on the island all year round and do not speak fluent Spanish, it can be quite a challenge to organise everything for your apartment. Carefree Ibiza offers a 5-star service for apartment owners for very affordable rates. Let us take care of your apartment and be carefree!  

What does a property manager do?

It’s a question we get more often. What do we actually do and why does it come in handy to have one? A property manager takes care of your apartment as if it is our own when you are not on the island. We make sure it’s cleaned and prepared whenever you want and fix little issues you might have. Think of problems with the air conditioning, electricity, water or check your apartment after a heavy storm or rainfall. But we can do so much more; buy extra decoration or furniture, paint some walls, do renovation projects, do your laundry and open the door for deliveries or external suppliers. We take care of every request or issue you might have, while you deal just with one reliable company instead of 10 different people.

Why we founded Carefree Ibiza

The founders, Maggy van Bokhoven and Peter ten Broecke, bought their second home on Ibiza 15 years ago. Over the years they have gained a huge and valuable network with many suppliers to manage apartments. They know, what a huge relief it is if someone takes really good care of your apartment. When they arrived on the island many years ago they found it hard to find the right people for the job. Nowadays they know exactly who they can rely on and have worked out a superb partnership with the right cleaners, gardeners, painters, plumbers, electricians and many more.
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How does it work?

If you are interested in having us as your property manager, please get in touch. We will speak about your wishes, needs and all the services we can offer. Once you have selected the ideal package for you. We’ll schedule a meeting in your apartment to speak about specific instructions and what you like to be done. We can even make a house book with instructions in case family or friends come over every now and then. After the first meeting in your apartment we’ll get started. You can tell us which house check you want us to do and when you are in need of extra services. We’ll only access your apartment if it is agreed with you and for the purpose requested. If you are interested in extra work from a painter for example, we’ll always offer you a proposal before they get started. The team of Carefree Ibiza is always ready to serve you.
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Carefree holiday feeling

Did you know that we also offer a concierge service for you? You might love to have a chef cooking for you one night, want to book a nanny for a night out without the kids, like to have a personal training session during your holiday. It’s all possible. We are here to give you a carefree holiday feeling, so do not hesitate to ask us anything. Whether it’s to book a boat charter to discover Ibiza or Formentera’s coast line, you want to do activities on the island or want us to make a reservation for a restaurant or (beach)club, you can count on us.

Are you convinced?

A property manager can take off a whole lot of weight of your shoulders. Because we believe holidays should be fun, without being busy to organise things for your second home. Get in touch if you would like to know more!