Carefree’s holiday service

It’s that free feeling, enjoying lunch on the beach, sunbathing on your very own terrace and inviting friends of the island to come over for dinner. Carefree Ibiza believes holidays should be fun and a moment to unwind after all the hard work you’ve done. That’s why we offer a holiday service for all contracted second homeowners; to make the most of your time on the white island Ibiza.


How does it work?

Having your own apartment or villa on the island, doesn’t mean you want to do everything yourself. You love to be pampered as if you stay in a hotel. Carefree Ibiza does not only offer a hotel experience after a cleaning, but we also offer a holiday service to our second homeowners.


What can we do for you?

Basically, everything that helps you enjoy your holiday even more. We hereby share a selection of our services.


Transport in style

Do you want your holiday to start from the moment you leave your home country? How about a flight with a private jet and a pick-up by a personal driver? No problem for us. Toast in the sky and enjoy travelling with maximum privacy and ultimate relaxation.
Do you prefer to drive yourself? We’ll have your rental car ready at the airport or bring your own car to the airport to avoid long waiting and an uncomfortable shuttle service to a rental car agency.


Carefree’s comfort

Coming home at your property is much more comfortable if you can open up chilled wine right away or grab an ice cream for the kids. We work with a reliable partner who can do your shopping prior to your arrival. Or how about opening the door with the smell of a fresh cooked paella or fish made in your kitchen by a private chef. That’s what we call a warm welcome. Or think of a massage or facial treatment given outside at your second home. You decide what you need and we’ll do the rest.


Ibiza celebrations

Imagine, you have a reason to celebrate. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding anniversary, business deal, or just life itself. You want to have a little party at your property, a personalised birthday cake, have some extra decoration, or do something special on the island. No matter what it is, from a helicopter flight, to a hot air balloon trip, to a private cinema in your garden, we love to organise it for you!


Fun on the water

Ibiza has a lot to offer. Much more than you might know. Have you heard about the latest trend – electric foiling? Or have you ever tried flyboarding, kitesurfing or cliff diving? All guided by experts of course! Or a boat charter to discover the most turquoise bays of Formentera or Ibiza. That will certainly result in memorable moments on la isla!


What else?

There is too many to tell. But if you can imagine it, we’ll make it work. For our hourly rate of 35 euros we’ll plan your holiday and make your time on Ibiza certainly worthwhile.

Good to know is that we only assist our contracted house owners. Have a look at our packages to see which package fits you best or get in touch if we need to create a custom package.